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Welcome to African Pearl Communications

About African Pearl Communication

W e are a new age tourism communication company which aims to incorporate the digital age in promoting neglected and undiscovered rural tourism businesses and tourist attraction sites of KwaZulu Natal.

We want to bring the vibe of Soweto Vilakazi Street; ‘Bahamas’ in Springs - KwaThema township; street markets and cookouts to the rural outskirts of KwaZulu Natal. These events are already famous in the township and rural outskirts of the Gauteng province and partially in KwaZulu Natal.

The aim is to promote:

  • Tourist attraction sites and landmarks of KZN rural areas.
  • Rural tourism businesses such as lodges, carwashes and B&Bs.
  • A new culture of entertainment by managing and promoting upcoming local artists who will perform at the tourism events. This will contribute an increase in the KZN tourism income and social development.
  • Digital marketing by encouraging these businesses to market their businesses online.