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Company background

The Africanpearl Communications Events and Projects (Pty) Ltd, trading as The Africanpearl Communications, was founded by a black female director in December 2015. The company is legally trading and registered under CIPC with Reg No. 2015 / 425397 / 07. Potential and existing clients may access our tax compliance status by using Ref No. 9325835180 with TCC Pin: A2A3AA71DS. We are BEE level 1 compliant, and our CSD supplier no. MAAA0335705.

Executive members

The Africanpearl Communications has one director who has over five years collective experience in the communications and tourism industries. The company aims to partner with other industry experts to execute the activities of its vision and mission statement.


To be a specialist in tourism digital communication and entertainment in the rural outskirts of KwaZulu Natal and the rest of the neglected rural areas in the African continent.

Mission Statement

The Africanpearl Communications is mainly for its people, starting with the its community.

  • We are dedicated in engaging in responsible and meaningful business practices that aim to contribute in social development.
  • Decision making process will incorporate ideas from the community through digital media engagement, in order to exercise an open communication approach.
  • We will target mainly the youth in township and rural areas of KZN in order to bring about social development and transformation.
  • We will sustain and maintain the culture and the natural habitat, while promoting its attraction sites by inviting visitors who will invest in local tourism.

The African Pearl Communications’ aim is to work together with its employees to transform rural communities.

  • Hand picked and talented members of the community will be part of the team who will provide world class and responsible service.
  • A team of skilled and qualified experts within the public relations and/or tourism industry (s) will be tasked to manage local business’s social media pages; plan and manage rural movement tourism events; and scout for new local talent in KZN.

The Africanpearl Communications also has the responsibility to give back to its stakeholders.

  • We will be dedicated in providing frequently updated reports on the company’s performance.
  • Together with our stakeholders, we are dedicated in engaging in Corporate Social Investment (CSI) activities which will promote a holistic approach to tourism communication.
  • Honesty, transparency and open communication will be the core of business administration.

Our work

We plan to involve various activities in order to achieve the overall objectives and vision of The Africanpearl Communications. Our work will include tourism events, promoting rural businesses operating in the tourism industry. Our tourism projects will include partnerships with likeminded businesses to host rural movement events, and the promotion and management of local upcoming artists. All of these activities will be promoted and published through digital marketing.

Tourism Events

We will host events aiming at promoting rural businesses in KZN operating within the tourism industry, such as lodges, B&Bs and tourist attraction sites/landmarks.

These events will be conceptualised around ‘Rural Madness’ and ‘Rural Movement’. We will bring a new culture of entertainment, similar to that of cookouts and street markets in the Gauteng townships , the Vilakazi Street vibe in Soweto, and the Bahamas in KwaThema at Springs.

Tourism Projects

Our projects will include the scouting, promoting and management of KZN local artists who will also perform at our events. We will partner with like-mind businesses within the entertainment industry to organise recording deals and professional photoshoots.

All our artists will be signed up with SAMRO, registered with SARS, prepared for photoshoots and interviews with local media. The Africanpearl Communications is already managing three township artists. They were recently featured and play-listed at Vibe FM - a community radio station.

Digital Marketing

To bring about transformation, we will encourage local businesses to advertise and promote their services and products through website and social media marketing. The digital era has grown tremendously through the years, and it has proven to be the most effective form of marketing. The African Pearl Communications will take advantage of this opportunity.